Type 981 GT4

981 GT4 Rear Diffuser Set

Product : 981.GT4DFSR
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981 GT4 Rear Diffuser Set

*Note: These parts ship in two (2) seperate packages due to size, and will ship in approximatey 2-3 business days. 

981 GT4 Rear Diffuser Set

Looking for a more agressive look for your 981?

Check out this 981 GT4 rear diffuser set! 

This kit includes the folliowing below: 

(1) Left GT4 Diffuser 

(1) Right GT4 Diffuser

(1) Shield (center piece) 

(1) Retaining Frame (backing peice with mesh) 

(2) Heat shield 


Customers please note: If your vehicle comes equipped with rear parking sensors, you will not be able to install this diffuser set. The GT4 rear diffusers do not have mounting provisions for rear parking sensors. 

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