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Schnell Autosports Lug Stud Conversion Kit

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Schnell Autosports Lug Stud Conversion Kit

Let's face it, lug bolts make removing and replacing your wheels take longer than it should.

If you're tired of the juggling act of holding your wheel up to keep it from falling straight down while taking off that last bolt, or holding your wheel up and trying to keep the holes aligned while you put in the first bolt, we have the solution for you.

Schnell Autosports now offers a lug stud conversion kit, which converts your stock lug hole/lug bolt setup to a more familiar (and easier to deal with) lug stud/lug nut setup. Our conversion studs also feature an unthreaded portion at the end of the stud, to allow you to easily guide your wheel and lugnuts on without risk of cross-threading or damaging the threads on the stud.

 Installation is simple, and essentially amounts to “take off wheels, screw in studs”. (Lug stud torque specs - 20 ft lbs/27 Nm; lug nut torque specs - 85 ft lbs/115 Nm. Studs are hardened and tempered to grade 10.9)

And for you weight weenies, our lug stud conversion kit weighs less than the equivalent extended lug bolts, give you just a little more reduction in unsprung mass.

The conversion kit comes in two different options:

* 45mm kit, for those of you running no spacers, or our 7mm spacer kit
* 45/59mm kit, for those of you running our 7mm front/12mm or 15mm spacer kit

Both kits contain 20 conversion studs and 20 ball seat open ended lug nuts.


Installation writeup: http://schnellautosports.blogspot.com/2014/07/installing-schnell-autosports-lug-stud.html

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