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981 Third Radiator Kit

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981 Third Radiator Kit

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For most 981 Caymans, the stock cooling system is adequate enough for day to day use with the occasional romp on the loud pedal.

However, if you have a highly modified 981, live in hot climates, or like to take your car out for track days or otherwise extended "fun" driving sessions, you might find your coolant temperatures going up to a level that's too close for comfort.

The stock radiators are two units located on the left and right side of the car, and by adding an additional 3rd radiator to the center of the bumper, you increase your cooling capacity and ability (as well as extra peace of mind in hot weather).

We've put together a comprehensive kit that contains what you need to install an additional radiator in the center of your 981.

The core kit contains the following:

- (1) Center Radiator (black or silver, based on availability)

- (1) Mounting Frame

- (1) Sealing Frame

- (1) Center Radiator Duct

- (2) Radiator Hoses (Left & Right))

- (4) Mounting Bushings (2 upper, 2 lower)

- (4) Reusable Cable Mounts

- (4) Flanged Mounting Nuts

Also, depending on your car's configuration, you may need additional pieces. If your car comes with "open" side radiator ducts that divert air going into the center area of the bumper to the side radiators, you will need the "closed" side radiator ducts. If you do not have PAS, and the center opening of your bumper is completely blocked off, you will need the front retaining frame for the new center ducting to attach to. If you have any questions regarding which additional pieces, if any, are also required for your vehicle, please call us toll-free at 1-888-978-9899, and we will assist you in choosing the correct options.

Check out our two-part installation write-up where we install a center radiator kit on our project 981:

Part 1:

Part 2:

PLEASE NOTE: Minor modification to your bumper is required for proper functionality of this center radiator kit. Please see our installation write-ups for details.

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