Titanium Brake Shim Set - Front (981/991/997/987)

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Titanium Brake Shim Set - Front (981/991/997/987)

What's the number one nemesis of your braking system? Heat.

When you use your brakes, your calipers squeeze your brake pads against the rotors, using friction to convert your kinetic energy into heat. That heat is ideally absorbed by your brake rotors, where that heat can then be dissipated.

That heat, however, doesn't want to just go to your rotors and pads; it wants to go anywhere that it can. If you're driving your car hard, or if something is wrong with your braking system, you'll find that your brakes are generating heat in excess of what your rotors can shed.

Excess heat causes things like brake rotor cracks, brake pad glazing, and brake fluid boiling, with the end result being a loss in braking performance, or even outright failure of your brakes.

One simple way to help keep that heat away from your calipers and brake lines is to replace your stock brake shims with our titanium brake shims.

It's no secret: titanium is a good insulator for heat, especially when compared to steel. Using titanium brake shims instead of steel means your brake pads will transmit less heat to your calipers, which in turn transmits less heat to your brake fluid. As your pads wear down from use, they allow more heat to be transmitted to anything in contact with them, which makes having a way of mitigating that heat with our titanium shims more important.

If you like to track your car, or just like to take your car for "spirited" drives, our titanium brake shims will help you to drive harder with less chance of your brakes fading, and will help make your braking system last longer.


Our front titanium brake shims come in a set of 4, and fit the following applications:


2009 Carrera; Carrera 4; Targa 4; w/o PCCB
2010 Carrera; Carrera 4; Targa 4; w/o PCCB
2011 Carrera; Carrera 4; Targa 4; w/o PCCB
2012 991; Carrera; w/o PCCB
2012 997; Carrera; Carrera 4; Targa 4; w/o PCCB
2013 Carrera; Carrera 4; w/o PCCB
2014 Carrera; Carrera 4; w/o PCCB

(2009-2012) 987 Boxster/Cayman S 

(2013 +) 981 Boxster/Cayman

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